Do these type of body is too unattractive or turnoff? can u guess the weight? height is 5'9" ?

Os these type a huge turn off?/i am 18 !! Height 5'9" can u guess d weight?

Do d upper part looking too bad? I am a indian teen
Is this body but a cute or handsome face? Is a no no for girls?


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  • Not unattractive at all, that's my preferred body type. And as for the weight... 65kg?

    • I thought no girl like these type of body!!!
      N i have a good face! But my confidence shattered

    • Why is your confidence shattered? And was I close to the weight?

    • Some people make fun of me!! In my college!! Every time!! I dont know why !!

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  • Yeah yeah, terrible


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  • You look toned and in pretty good shape. You aren't bulked up but you look healthy and fit. You look like the kind of build that is not big but is strong. Sinewy.

    When I was doing construction work, which is labor intensive work, I'd hire you based on your looks. You look like someone who could keep up the pace when most other guys would drop out. I don't know about other people, but to me that counts for a lot.

    Keep doing what you've been doing.

    • Thnk u. But can u guess the weight my height is 5'9? Plzz