Girls, opinions on my body please?

goo bad whatever just want to know where i stand

IMG]https:// i59. tinypic. com/2mcxcep. jpg [/IMG]

[IMG]https:// i58. tinypic. com/axi8ty. jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]https:// i61. tinypic. com/343kgnp. jpg[/IMG]

Take img bits out of links and gaps


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  • About a 7/10

    • Can I ask your reasoning behind your said rating Hannah. And is it a a good rating on the whole

    • You have good inguinal ligaments but have no defined abs or pectoral muscles. If you grew them and shaved your chest, I'd find it more attractive but that's just me.

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  • You're good :) nice "V" ;)

    • Thank you for answering Lioness. Can I ask when you say good would you say I was average then?

    • No, I'd say definitely better than average! You have some nice muscle definition which looks really good, and you look nicely in proportion (meaning your legs look good too, and you don't look like you overwork some muscles while ignoring others) so, while I can only speak for myself, I'd definitely watch you walking down the beach! 😁😘 but that would make me an old lady perv!!! 😕😞

    • Just seen your age you look much younger in my opinion good job.

  • it looks good!

    • Thank you for answering. Can I ask in your honest opinion would you say girls in general would be attracted to my body shape or not?