Girls, who looks better? Does guy 2 have potential?

Guy 1 aka top 2 pics is Francisco Lachwoski.
Girls, who looks better?Does guy 2 have potential ?


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  • Both are good looking, but guy 1 is better looking.


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  • First picture, attractive
    Second picture (upper right), totally unattractive (I'm not into babyfaces and such)
    Third picture (bottom left), bad quality and doesn't really look attractive due to the angle
    Fourth picture, looks tempting and not unattractive but the guy in the first picture looks better

    Since the first guy made that second picture on the right, that's a bit of a turn off for me so I'd take my risk with the 2nd person. So the second guy is more attractive to to the presence of the second picture of guy number 1.

  • the tp towo are good but he needs to learn how to take a selfie the other guy should shive his hair on the sides and mabey trime the top like

    so he has potential but add a earing to make it sexy.

    • and get your eyebrows done