Rate me honestly 1-10?

Hi all, I'm Hispanic and have a pretty serious tan going on this summer, well, anyway, just curious. Thank you!
Rate me honestly 1-10?

  • 1-2 Ogrish, gross and my eyes are burning
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  • 3-4. Ehhhhh
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  • 5. Average
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  • 6. Cute/ slightly above average
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  • 7. Attractive, leaves no doubts
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  • 8. Makes me hold my breath ( in a good way)
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  • 9-10. Rare hot, eye candy, makes me want to grunt
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I honestly didn't mean to be arrogant about this but I can easily see why a guy like me who's obviously a solid 9 on most days would get so much shit over asking. It's shallow, it's rude, it lacks confidence. Guys like me, though? We're the epitome of arrogance, sorry can't help it. No regrets. Regret nothing deny everything.


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  • had to look away

    • 😅😅 love you bro

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What Girls Said 3

  • Not my type at all.

    • You're not mine either, honest. Good thing there are others 😉

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    • Haha bet you're a virgin xD
      I don't care broski, it's just weird that you asked to be honest and then started commenting on me. You asked a rate me question, not me. Cheers!

    • Adios.

  • nice eyes haha

  • Sexy as fuck!😉


What Guys Said 4

  • I chose option C because I don't rate guys. I'm sure a good number of girls find you attractive though.

  • I think you look well

  • Shit, my white ass wishes I could tan that good.

    • Lol... Well, my mums side is predominantly espanola and my fathers native and so I took on his color anyway... I am significantly darker than usual but it's cooo bruv... Haha just hit the beach or take a jog while the sun is shining

  • I think you'd look pretty good if you were in shape, your facial genetics store a lot of fat...

    • I'm literally not even close to fat. I have a wide face and torso no matter my weight and right now I'm not at my peak but My stomach is tight and muscular every morning. Athletically, I'm elite at mile running, weight lifting and wrestling. My little brother plays safety for DI football so you might imagine how these things work. These girls hate me but that's cool cuz most of these types would be the first to fuck me in reality.

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