How would u rate my puppy 😛?

How would u rate my puppy πŸ˜›?


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  • Is she a lab or a golden? :) I can't tell when they're young haha.

    Your puppy appears intelligent, alert, and eager for your attention. No doubt she will be easy to train, as long as you know how. She will most likely be an active dog, so be sure to walk her regularly and throw in a game of fetch every now and then. Labs and Goldens can be very mouthy, but they mean well. That's just how they say hello. They are also fantastic family dogs, so they need to be close to you. Leaving them outside all day would break their hearts.

    10/10 would puppy.

    • *He! Lol I just saw your comment saying he's male :)

    • It's a boy actually and that's a golden and yeah ik all that and I doing a great job with the dog thank you for the advices 😊

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  • That's a golden retriever, no? At any rate, he/she's gorgeous and will likely make a great companion and protector. Gonna' be a biggin' too - look at those paws. :)

    • That's a golden retriever

    • Looks just like a golden retriever. Funny story - I have a Shorkie - shitzu yorkie. . . ankle high, but much bigger than a chihuahua and much less annoying. lol. Anyway, I went camping over labor day weekend, and the owners of the land we were camping had a HUGE retriever. He was taller than my waist on all fours.

      When that retriever saw my dog, he fell in love. Followed my dog EVERYWHERE. Round in circles, across the river, to the campsite. That dog was very well behaved, although very territorial and wouldn't let you pet him - he would just back away - but loved my dog.

      My dog hated him.

      Pointless story, I know, but it was my only golden retriever story, so. . . :)

      They're beautiful animals.

    • Lmao πŸ˜‚ cool story

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