Most people call me beautiful but I dont feel so?

Since I was 18, I have been hearing these comments a lot, from my family members or friends or other people, that i am pretty and look good. I won't deny, I look fine but not to the point of being super glam or gorgeous.

I have received a few things from a few guys as well. Like once I went to a makeup store and a the salesguy gave me a nail polish for free. Another time, at a KFC joint, I was given a free coke by the salesguy and I attract looks by guys.
Once a girl had complimented me on the street and I met a lady from a royal family and she said I look lovely.

I don't understand why I am called pretty because I don't look as hot or as glamorous as other girls look. i like a guy and I have seen all his past girlfriends and hookups and they all look hotter than me. I am scared he would probably wouldn't notice me since I look nothing like his exes.

I have a giant forehead and a strong nose and my pictures come out really bad.

Whats the deal? Or is it because I have been depressed and sad for years that I no longer see anything good about myself?


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  • Attraction is not about being hot or or sexy.
    Attraction goes a long way.
    It includes hormonal factors both from brain and the body.
    Personality is also one of them.
    I myself don't like flashy girls or those wearing make-up and cheap perfumes too much. I like natural, simple and sweet girls. Plain Jaine.


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  • You are your wirst critic. Before someone can criticise you, you've already done it. Pamper yourself and yake a day off for some personal time. Learn to love yoir body and work towards improve it.


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  • A lot of people when they start comparing themselves to other people think they don't look as good but all it turns out to be is that we are our own harshest critics.

  • People call you pretty instead of gorgeous or hot or glamorous because you're pretty rather than gorgeous or hot or glamorous...


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