Girls, Semi permanent over bleached highlights-will it be OK?

I had a fight with my mum in the pharmacy today. I have bleached highlights that I hate because the mid lengths to ends are damaged and although I've nursed them back to health with masks, mum is convinced that it will look bad and ruin my hair. It's based on her experience with a different hair type and something a hairdresser said who's a good cutter but really unprofessional so I don't take her seriously. So I got yelled at just for looking at a natural hair dye without chemical nasties in it. Yes, I do know I'm 21 and have the right to do as I choose but I'm from the kind of household where it doesn't work like that and am not in a position to move out. In addition my mother has anxiety and not great mental health. Sorry for ranting, it was just really embarrassing because everyone could hear and it's upset me a bit, especially being accused of seeking a second opinion just to get what I want to hear. I'm pretty angry with myself for letting her attempts to play on my what if fears get to me. I just needed that off my chest. Also fed up with blonde jokes, catcalls and harrassment from men because of it.

Anyway, will it be a problem if I decide to ignore her?


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  • I think it'll look great