Should I dye my hair?

Well I've dyed my hair before but it was only an ombre, where I just dye the tips of my hair, but I'm sick of it and I really want to get rid of the blonde. My mum doesn't want me to dye my full set of hair because then my "natural colour" will be gone forever, she actually GUILTS me into not doing it. She lectures me on how she dyed her hair so many different colours so many different times and how that fucked up her hair.

How she doesn't want me to have hair like hers, but I know that I won't dye my hair brown, blonde and red all the time, so I know I won't end up totally screwing my hair up. Should I just leave my hair as it is or dye it fully brown, because I have all the "guilt" on my shiulders I dont know what I should do. I know that dying your hair all the time will screw it up but I dont think that I'll dye my hair as much as some people do.


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  • life is short. id just go for it if i were u lol. like the natural colour isn't coming back anytime soon...
    u can leave it alone when ur older! :D :P

    although i would listen to any hair care advice ur mum has.


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  • If I was you and decide to dye - I would go a for a full dye, a couple of shades darker brown.

  • Actually she is right. I like the hairs as they are. People who dye are only when they have white color. Otherwise no I think you should dye them.


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