You think nerds can't be successful with women?

Think again. It's all in attitude and congruence... .

Bitter guys like Guybot why do that to yourself and your surroundings? oh and dear little boy who are afraid of conversation your answer is: no actually in econometrics. and yes, you sound like a in your head, low level conciousness faggetta. i'm sorry but its you that are near incureable. oh and some common sense: someone who completely transforms his mindset its inevitable that he'll transform his life, goals and habits as well.


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  • "You think nerds can't be successful with women? "
    No. They totally can be.


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  • Thanks for posting this. Completely true.

    • thank you for being more openminded than the average pessimistic constipated desperate joe... .

    • I'm so sick of those questions on here. "I'm ugly and have no confidence. Should I just stay a virgin forever and accept that I'm a loser?" No you f--king idiot! The only thing holding you back is your shitty attitude!

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  • This isn't a question

    • well it technically is. and if you answer no, nerds have no future with women you get debunked in the video.

    • My husband is a nerd, he's also seriously gorgeous and generally awesome... I'm pretty sure the idea that nerdy dudes can't score is well and truly dead.

    • tada! you lady got it right!

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  • *mind blown*

    not lol.

  • Why be successful with women when you can be successful with money though.

    • Oh, and I forgot to ask you, do you believe everything you see on the internet?

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    • Shush! Don't tell :P

    • Obviously, you don't, because this is more than just your average garbage, that's advanced garbage.
      And if you really think that it's only a mental frontier to overcome, you can't be helped anymore. There is much more to it than just having a certain attitude. But let me guess, you have a bachelor of arts.

  • Well, he's not really an awkward nerd, now is he? He's a guy who is extremely solid in the art of conversation and is very comfortable approaching random women.

    Most of his "nerd" references are really just pop culture anyway. E. g. Start taking to a girl about shit like Harry Potter, a book series that's probably sold more copies than the Bible and spawned eight international blockbuster movies? Hardly obscure nerd stuff.

    I'll agree 100% that it's got nothing to do with what you're talking about and everything to do with your attitude and approach, but saying that this guy was acting like an awkward nerd? Just isn't true, mate.