Which is better on her, with or without make up?

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Which is better on her,  with or without make up?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Definitely picture B, which might has something to do with your makeup. The make up in picture B is gentle, and gives a natural feel unlike your makeup in picture A that makes you appear like a wild cat or attention seeker.

    Your face appears too oily in picture A though I have an impression the camera flash light could have caused it.

    Picture B reveals your oval face, which some claim is a distinct feature of the world's prettiest faces.

    Lastly, your smile in picture B is innocently sexy unlike your seemingly forced smile in picture A.

    • Thank you... 😆 Your answer was very detailed, I like your answer.

    • 😉 My pleasure.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Picture B is much better. It's not necessarily that she doesn't look good with make up, it's just those colours don't work for her.

    • Do you think neutrals would be better? Does she have a face for make up?

    • Sure, everyone has a face for make up :P I think that a matte colour might look better, especially on the lips, she looks a little too shimmery in picture A. I do dislike glossy make up in general anyway so it might be a personal bias, but I'd try out some matte in more neutral colours :)

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  • Definitely picture B! All that extra make-up is not needed. :)

  • i personally dont think she looks good with that kind of makeup. out of these 2 pics i'd say without but if she did her makeup differently she'd look much better (not saying she's ugly without it)

    • No worries, I understand what you mean. Thanks!

  • picture B for real