Rate me 1-10 and what can I do to improve?

Pic I

Pic II

And which one is better pic for my profile picture? Thanks


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  • 7 and Pic 1; I think I'd like you in a polo and like sneakers better but overall nice


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  • Is the first picture taken in grand indonesia?

    Okay first you need to dye your hair black, that red hair thing doesn't suit you. Second about your looks, i dont want to rate but I'd say you're not my type. Third please get rid of that shirt.

    • Why wouldn't you rate? The hair is not red but brown

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    • Yea kind of. Jakarta dude, you?

    • Haha somebody else noticed the shirt

  • Burn the shirt...

    • Why?

    • It's completely hideous... It takes away from you.

    • What about my face?

What Guys Said 3

  • This is 1 of those "you need to #trade yo style in, but you ain't gone get no #cash for it " #Moments (¬‿¬)

    But for real though your face looks good (rate 6-7) ^_^ BUT YOUR CLOTHES, on the other hand, make you look terrible to the point where most girls wouldn't give you the time off day off that fact alone.

    1-moda.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/320.jpg those types of clothes/shoes would look better on you man ^_^

    Hold on aren't you the guy who #KickBoxes? Why not wear a tank top with some cargo shorts + normal Nike tennis shoes etc... anything but BOOTS man HAHAHAHAAH

    • the guy to the far left shoes to be more specific.

    • I don't know man, this is just not my taste of style... >.< But thanks for the advice anyway.

    • It ain't gotta be that flashy now, but ya know just casual ^_^

      Normal T-shirt with some graphics on it
      Normal jeans usually denim/light blue and some Nikes or something

  • You look good - I would pick first picture as a profile

  • I want to sue your shirt for pain and suffering damages

    • Why? lol

    • Ok ok here's a better one:

      I want to call the police and report your shirt for a noise violation.

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