Would u date me explain please?

im an African American gurl im 5,8 im curvy yes i have a gut but just little i have thick thighs witch yes i am thick
lol i do have booty i have full plump lips and big brown eyes , i play stores soccoer and volleyballl and i swim and dance on the side im fun, funny, outgoing and i love to see people smile and be happy no i not a virgin yes im kind of freak in the sheets im smart beautiful and average height lol i think soo but would u date me ohh i forgot yess i like gurls

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  • I don't know... your description is fine and that's not the issue... it's how you spell and write sentences lol

    Fix that and I'm in

    • lol im half sleep thats why like that but k

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  • If you weren't under age I would. And it seems that you like to have fun yeah dedefinitely.

  • As creepy as this sounds it would be better if you posted a picture of yourself. Maybe take a photo with you wearing clothes that fit your body very well so we can see your actual shape.

    • k im post

    • Yea I defiantly agree with this one... pictures always help

      Do a cute nice picture full pose... wear something you like

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