Is a girl more unattractive to you if you find out she's had a nose job even though it has made her more attractive?

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  • Not necessarily. Changes to the body don't always mean that they were unattractive. The reason for getting the change could be other things. Plus, what one person likes could be something another person dislikes. Anyway, I might get interested in how she looked prior to the change she got but it would make me think of her in a negative way.


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  • I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery but I would not hold it against a girl - I would treat her the same as any other girl

  • Not at all. Its just a nose job. Its not like she totally reconstructed her face. If it makes her feel more beautiful and confident in herself, then I'm all for it. (And all this is assuming i am in fact attracted to her to begin with.)

  • for me no cuz i don't have the right to judg people on their decisions or their past

  • hahaha girl, i think we don't care that.


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