Does this look like a normal healing tattoo?

Got this thigh tattoo done on the 28th of August and so far it's the biggest tattoo I've had and the longest when taking its time to heal. It's become extremely flakey in the past week more so than I remember with any other tattoo of mine. Would love your opinions guys on if you think flaking to that extent is normal? Thanks!
does this look like a normal healing tattoo?

FYI yes I'm having I shaded in once it heals but that's not my question here people.


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  • It looks fine to me. Mine started flaking badly about a week/week and a half after but it was gone in two days. Just keep up your routine and be careful not to wear any tight fabrics on it that might rub and let the skin come off naturally.


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  • You probably know all of this but the part that caught my eye was that it could take a month to heal properly.

  • You should shade it in.

    • I am gonna.. waiting for it to heal properly first

  • It looks like it's hurting, I'd guess the fault is yours though. Too much movement on slightly too dry skin. Probably
    my tattoos all healed very differently though.

  • If it's August of this year then no it's not normal. It's flaking way too early. Maybe you're not applying enough cream everyday.

  • no its not. it shouldn't have let it get exposed in the sun

    • I haven't. ...

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    • I really haven't exposed it to any sun light... I've just done what I've done with most tattoos. I have had a few hot baths would that affect it? Should I apply ointment to hydrate it or let it heal?

    • I'm soo sorry i was kidding I'm not a tattoo artist. and i know nothing of tattoos. just disregard all i said.

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