Would you leave your boyfriend for that?

1. if you were at school and it's break and your both in the playground and he's sitting with his girlbestfriend and didn't talked to u at all that day?
2. if he don't text u a lot and u always have nothing to talk about?
3. if you found out he don't have abs :p (out of subject lol)


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  • 1 Yes. If we date, I'm your girl best-friend :S !!!
    2 Yes. Why would I be with a man I can communicate with?
    3 No. As long his body is manly overall, it's okay if he doesn't have abs. But it's a plus :p


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  • I would most definitely leave my boyfriend but more because of the top 2 reasons than because of the last.

  • Well yeah. If he was so interested in me wouldn't he want to spend time with me? Or at least let me know he doesn't want to hang out that day lol if there's not that respect there is no relationship

    • What if there was an important thing and she is with here friend that he can't stand

    • She should notify him first off. Yet also let her friend know like hey he doesn't like you and I would appreciate it if you could respect that

  • No, we all have friends
    No, if that's the case we're BOTH boring people
    No, that's really shallow

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