Girls would you say my cousin is very marketable in the romantic/dating scene? (please only answer if in teens to early 20's)?

my cousin is pretty self conscious about how he looks since he lost his hair to early balding brought on by TE at 19, he's only 20 just startin gcollege and there's girls he's into but he's worried without hair they're out of his league or won't be interested. I tried tellling him I don't believe no hair lowers his 'league' however I do understand looks matter, yes he does have high standards but I know him and he'd be a legit sweetheart to a girl not a player so I don't blame him for holding his standards high, I just hope to boost his self esteem a bit, so beneath are some pictures from a family vacation I have of him, tell me what you think of him, is he date-able to you? Does no hair put him in a low league like he's worried, or do you think he still looks good enough he can go for what he pleases? Be honest, worst case I just don't tell him (lets hope he doesn't see it in that case as he has GaG) however I doubt itll be bad, still cold honesty is appreciated. and please go just on looks, yeah if you know a guy it can do a lot but just picture if a guy like him approached you at a party or after class etc.

not really sure whats up with the links sorry you'll have to click, and he's about average height 5'10 and works out more than most people I know yet doesn't get much muscle haha, he is in decent shape though

  • He's worrying too much, I think he looks good and don't mind the no hair, he's dateable to me
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  • while I don't think baldness makes a guy look bad, I find him otherwise unattractive
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  • while I don't think he looks bad I really couldnt see myself with a bald guy this young, I probably would pass
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  • he's going to have a very hard time getting what he wants with how he looks bald
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  • Totally agree with you