Guys (and girls): What's the difference between cute and hot/sexy/beautiful, etc?

I think my boyfriend has only called me beautiful once, but most of the time he calls me "cute" and I'm not really sure why. What's the difference between cute and other words to describe someone's looks? Is being called cute a good thing or should I feel sad?

All my life people have said I had "babyish" features. My cheeks are a bit chubby (even though I'm not overweight) and I'm pretty short (5'2"). A lot of guys I have had crushes on said they didn't like me for this reason. It makes me upset ;-;


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  • In my book...

    Cute is wearing pajamas, hoodies, socks, you know, wearing clothing that makes you want to cuddle.

    Hot is wearing less clothing, showing skin and sparking sexual desires.

    Pretty normally pertains to a dress or very nice clothing or hair and face.

    Beautiful means it all, from face to personally, to clothing.

    But that's just how I see it.
    When guys ask if I like cute, hot , or pretty better I always go with cute, I love to cuddle.


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  • Maybe because I am much older but I tend to think of them as the same. I would tend to use cute and beautiful for younger women. I would use hot, sexy and beautiful for women closer to my age. For me it is just personal usage style.

  • Cute is good also, usually meant for meaning a small and pretty young girl more or less, hard to define it accurately

  • Cute =innocent, pretty
    Beautiful = stunningly great everything
    Hot = nice body
    Sexy= sexy


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  • i think they are all attractive.

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