Girls, how do I improve my facial attractiveness?

Okay so when I look in the mirror in good lighting aka clothes shop trial rooms I look to have similar features to the guys in the bottom pic (the two guys are Diego Barrueco and Francisco Lachwoski). BUT I look like hit in pretty much every photo I take. Maybe not SHIT.
But yeah.
If I were to reach my maximum potential facially would I still be nowhere near those two guys facially? I mean I am working out and am not at 10 percent boyfriend yet... Maybe when I reach 10 percent my face will be as defined? I mean in the mirror my face looks EXTREMELY defined and I am in the high teens body fat wise.
Girls, how do I improve my facial attractiveness?
I can accept myself... but only at my maximum potential facially. Not yet.

Top pic is of models. Bottom 4 pics are me. Buuuut I guess that was obvious. --_____--
Also 10 percent body fat not boyfriend... stupid AUTOCORRECT UGHHHH


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  • I think you're pretty cute as is

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