Do guys care if girls have stretch marks?

I am a teen I have stretch marks all over on my body. I haven't worn a bathing suit in forever. I always wear pants and sweatshirts to hide them. They are visibly on my tummy, thighs, behind my knees, my arms , my back, and right under my butt the only place they aren't on are my boobs which is strange. Even though I'm not getting taller or gaining/losing weight I keep on getting more... Can someone please tell me if guys care and how to make them fade/go away and even give me an explanation on why more keep appearing. Thanks so much xxx

by the way I am a curvy girl :P
I also have them on my arms all the way to my elbow. :/


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  • I guess I've seen so many, they just look natural to me. I mean, they don't really stand out. On yellow/brown, caramel brown, brown and darker girls they are kind of a turn on for me.


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  • guys dont care about that.


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  • They shouldn't, and if they do they don't deserve you. most females have them. they are beautiful