What hairstyle looks best on my face?

I have been trying to find a hairstyle that best fits me. I have had bangs for as long as i can remember and i wonder if i should keep them or not. So 1. Should i keep my bangs/ what bangs should i have? And 2. What hairstyle or color should i get that would look best with my face? Thank you for responding!

What hairstyle looks best on my face?

I'm not asking which picture is best, i'm asking for a description of a hairstyle or a picture example of what hairstyle you thi would fit best. I was just wondering because i'm not sure of whatto do with it next.


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  • If you're trying to be attractive (I'm assuming you care about your looks), then you should go with long, straight hair. It's going to take time, but you want to let you bangs grow-out to the same length as your hair, let your hair grow to mid-back length, and get a high-quality straighter (T3, CHI, or GHD). Invest it quality hair care products so your hair will be healthy, shiny, and sleek.
    More importantly, you need to get your eyebrows done... professionally. You need them slimmed down and shaped into a more aggressive look. This alone will make you look 10x better. From that point you can manage them yourself to where you only need them re-done once in a while. The first time it's done, you're going look bad for a day because of the redness and puffiness... so do it on a weekend when you can stay at home for the day,
    You have a great face structure... you just need to make it all work. Unfortunately, it's something that will take patience and effort to make happen.
    Your picture #2 shows that you have major potential to be hot as hell... just depends on if you want to be.

    • First of all, thank you very much for those complements wowza! XD second, is it sad that actually already get my eyebrows done once a month or once every few months? And pluck in between? XD haha thanks so much maybe i'll try thinner brows and growing out my hair, i'm all about change and trying out new things so thanks for all that!

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    • It all depends on how you brows sit on your "natural face". I'm assuming picture 1 and 3 are as close to that as we'll see. If so... you already have that perfect "aggressive" arch. They just need thinned a little to really bring that out. You could try keeping then thicker toward the inner-eye and tapering a little as they go to the tip. If you decide you want thinner overall, you can still do that from that point. A good hair stylist may have good recommendations also. It'll make the night-and-day difference in your appearance.
      In picture 2... you look pretty hot in my opinion... definitely a lot of potential. You can feel free to message me, I'm happy to help in giving the "male perspective"... but remember, it's just one opinion.

    • Sounds awesome! Thanks a bunch! 😄😊

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  • the second one!

    • I wasn't asking which picture i was asking what hairstyle (that wasn't included) in your opinion would look best. For example somebody could have commented "long, blond, and curly"

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  • I like 1 and 3 best for you but 2 is not half bad.
    1 is the best. And your eyes look so good in #1.

    • BRuhh did you see my update haha check it out xD

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    • Thank you :)

    • Your welcome hun

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