Girls, please read the details and answer this question (kind of long)?

Okay google search this:
Life of a 10/10 male (tinder case study )
It should be the first result (tinderseduction site ).
Read the article. And please observe the conversations. THEY ARE CRUCIAL.
Now in that context, answer these:
1) if a decently attractive guy took selfies (with a Samsung galaxy s6) indoors in meh lighting with slightly unkempt hair and undone eyebrows... would he get similar matches and/or be able to get away with those lines?
2. Is the model used more than just decently attractive? Who decides that? Because some people have rated the model to be quite ordinary and some have rated the guy to also be quite ordinary.
3. If the model used (Holdon Nowell. Call me Maybe model ) were to take selfies indoors in meh lighting and those pictures were posted on tinder instead of the professional pics (and one terrible selfie) that were actually used... would the responses change?
4. What happens to the subjectivity of looks in this particular case?
5. What advice regarding the improvement of physical attractiveness would you give said attractive guy so that he too can get results similar to the ones in the study?
The guy is 18 and very good in academics and works out a lot. HE is also pretty nerdy. However let use disregard that and focus on his physical attractiveness (particularly da face) and ways to improve it.
Thank you... bet you didn't read it all. But if you did you're awesome!


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  • what the actual fuck? xD

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    • Quite honestly... you are far too ignorant. Sorry.

    • Quite honestly... you can't deal with people telling you the truth. Sorry :(

  • Come on dude! I've seen your questions so many times! You look good you don't have to look like this model! Just change your haircut!!