Guys honestly rate this "hypothetical girl" 1-10?

She's your object of desire, you've wanted her the second you've seen her but for some circumstance or situation she has always been close but so far out of reach. She makes you feel comfortable and accepted. She inspires you. She works hard, is very impressive as an overall person, and always strive to do the right thing. Except, she has a kink. She wants you to "sexually dominate her".
She sends you texts graphically explaning things that she would love for you to do to her along with fresh nudes and she has a body that is close to perfection- 5'8 130 pounds brunette exotic face nice hair.
She seems to leave you, come back to you, and leave just before you can ever try anything so you can't decide if you're just keeping her around to see what it's like to have sex with her instead of fantasize about it or because she reallly is so sweet and loyal to you.
She moved to another state and you miss her.

Does that sound like some 50 shades of grey shit ooorrr what? I feel like this is the turn my sex life has taken and it's very interesting XD lol.
Only asking because my partner I don't know. don't tease or be a judgey dick thank you.


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  • There are a lot of girls into that stuff. I've had two girlfriends like that, except in both cases we lived in the same city, and we were boyfriend and girlfriend, so no distance to deal with.

    Lots of fun. Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. I give her a solid 10 for the sexuality aspect, but in terms of a life partner there's got to be more. :)

    • It is very very fun for both people in this sorta relationship dynamic... the whole mysterious aspect of this dynamic thing spurs a lot of sexual creativity as well as other things XD even if me and this guy dont end up together which is highly unlikely considering both of our circumstances it is all so hot please :x

    • Hypothetically continuing the question... lets say she is educated, has awesome similarish interests, and works full time.
      Ps this is kinda my deranged sex life but i do have other goals. Im a computer engineering student and work in the coffee world in downtown seattle. If he shouldn't want me as his partner he's crazy but anyhow this is all hypothetical

    • Sounds cool. The "works full time" is not an advantage per se because it limits time spent together. :) But educated and awesome is always good.

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  • You're really not that rare as a chick if you want a dude to be dominant in bed, I don't quite understand how there are still so many girls who think they're "kinky" by being naturally submissive during sex.

    If you were a DOMINANT chick in bed, that'd be a little rarer.

    • i agree its very natural for a woman to be submissive to a man in a relationship. and i believe it :P

  • Id actually be hurt if she was the girl for me and didn't want to be close to me but if she was just another girl I wouldn't really give a sht and just go on with my life since I'm not into these dumb childish games

    • What if she frequently tells you things such as "I really want to feel close to you" followed by extremely erotic texts lol

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    • Lol I don't hate you as a person just that personality completely different things xD

    • HAHAHAH fair enough. I just wonder what the hell he's thinking he thinks i'm crazy but ehhh oh well

  • For hooking purposes, this girl is fine.
    You assuming I want someone from the moment I see her, is based on appearances.
    If she leaves and comes back, that's fine, we are not having a relationship.

    • What if the whole leaving thing was beyond her control XD for example shit happens and she's forced to move and travel etc

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    • I am not wired to understand this clingy behaviour. If you wanna fuck like rabbits, that's fine, but he's being possessive or some shit, I don't get it.

    • Agreed. Hahah fuck like rabbits I don't know I think (well I feel like I did I'm not sure if its entirely true) I used him as a means of creativity whilst still abstaining from sex. I work full time, go to school full time, and I refuse to have sex unlesss im in a committed relationship with a partner however because he lives so far and there never is any real contact with him it's kinda all creative XD like imagining but never truly allowing him to do that. but i get that you're not wired to understand this so i will stop babbling and save you horrific details lmao

  • But i wanna tease and be a judgey dick

    Can I can i can I

    ~unleash the demon~

    • Haha my love life is deranged so way to embarrased to come off non anon lol XD

  • It seems she is teasing me if that happens.

    • what if it isn't teasing but instead very real circumstances keep her from ever trying anything and you as well XD

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    • As would any sane person truly its kinda like emotional abuse.

    • Yeah, I don't like emotional abuse, or any kind of abuse.

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