Girls, What is an attractive face? Are some attractive faces more attractive than other attractive faces... OBJECTIVELY?

Okay so on Instagram there are guys like Nate Garner, Dolan Twins, Cameron Dallas (weak jawline crew btw) and other guys that seem to have a huge following on Instagram purely because they are good looking.
However. ... there are many good looking guys on the planet (I think I'm one of them but that's subjective... or is it?). Why don't they all have like some hundred thousand or million followers on Instagram?
AND in that regard... is there a certain type of good looking guy that would get popular on Instagram? (white pretty boy... not racist. ... jussayin. I am a brown pretty boy by the way but what the hell).
And finally... do you believe every good looking guy (what is that? Considering how a 10 can be a 4 to someone else? SRS) on Earth can look as good as those Instagram PHAGGY models
GIVEN THE SAME PHOTOTAKING CONDITIONS? Let us assume that the guy is at his absolute maximum facially.

The reason I am asking about objectivity is because those guys seem to have about 50000 Girls commenting this emoticon:😍😍😍😍
OR is it like for every 50000 that comment that... there is another 50000 or so who think they're meh or alright looking? Wishful thinking?
And why no pic? Let's just say... I don't want to appear to be fishing. HUE hue hue.😈😈😈😈😈


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  • I want a picture😊

    • What good would that do? AND the pic is here... it's pretty obvious who's asking.

  • There is no objective when it comes to attraction. 'Attractive' just means that you attract someone, and everyone's attracted to different things

    • But then why does it seem like some guys get like thousands of 😍 comments on Instagram while others get barely a few, if any?
      I am talking about good looking guys by the way. What is the defining/differentiating factor?

    • I don't know, 'cause I find guys who look different from one another attractive for different reasons

      If we're using Instagram as a measure then maybe they just have a more active follower base.. (do you have followers on Instagram? I don't know, I'm an old lady who's still a Tumblrite :') )

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