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This question is mainly directed to men, although it would be smashing if I recieved any feedback from women as well.
I don't care for texting or social media chatting AT ALL. When boys ask for my number, I give them my home phone or my address, saying that they can write me a letter. I do this because I want them to know that I truly don't like what all other girls do, and it makes me stand out ( for better or worse, I don't know haha!). Im a different kind of person than most teenage girls, having a broader perspective on life and constantly in deep thought.
Is this too much? Is it annoying if you want someone to write to you? Or does it make you chase them all the more because they seem unique? Thank you so much! Have a lovely day!


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  • I love the idea that someone still believes in writing letters be it casual or romantic ones lol but if you're trying to find someone who will do that for you then I don't know maybe you might have to wait forever. It's hard to find the same uniqueness as you in others or specifically the ones you like.


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  • Well, it is certainly a quaint idea. How can you have important dialogue via mail, though?

    With the ease of use of texting and social media, communication has become simple and quick. It has also become a vital resource in the dating game, like it or not.

    You can maintain your individuality by insisting on phone communication over messaging, but adding the letter component adds a level that most young guys won't want to do.


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  • well i guess we are in a club of hating texting and chatting via various media :)

    I think it makes you stand out in a positive way and encourages your aquaintances to get in touch with you personally.
    But to some it might be a bit too extreme/ weird.
    Well whatever you do, if you made up your mind and you are happy as you are then there should be no reason to change this habit of yours.

    • This was such a charming and helpful response! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day!

    • Thank you very much :3
      Personally I think your behaviour shines a positive light on you since I don't like to screw around and "have fun" in dating. I am searching for someone i can commit to, not a relationship that will last a few months with just a sexual basis.
      I feel that if someone were to encourage me to get into more "personal" contact the relationship that develops could have a stronger basis to build upon than others :)

      Have a good day aswell! :)

  • I think that sounds really good - If you meet a boy who likes to do that, you know you have a good personality match.


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  • I think you're trying on different hats until you find yourself, for the most part everyone does this but your desire for someone to write is not from a genuine place. I've read your questions and all of them with exception of one were about boys and the use of social media like texting and twitter and what the appropriate course of action to take is. You yourself said you don't like to be like other girls, you want him to write you because you want to be different when you aren't. You've also used the words smashing and charming which clearly weren't apart of your vocabulary until recently. You're an American girl with an American dialect, you're just trying to be different and it comes off as fake. You also seem to have a bad attitude like most girls your age whenever someone has something to say that you don't like. The fact remains that you're just like most girls your age, not very unique. I think you're too young to be worried about boys right now because you don't even know yourself yet. You should be a freshman in high school at the moment, just focus on that. Your high school years fly by and you should be more concerned with what you want to do in life than guys. At this age, most just want what's in between your legs as they do not know themselves yet either. My first boyfriend was at 18 and we've just celebrated our 1 year. Waiting for the right time saves you a lot of pain and heartbreak. I know girls your age that are already washed up and have had at least 1 STD by now. Don't be so boy crazy. Focus on developing your mind, the only person you need to be emotionally invested in and mentally intimate with is yourself. Do that, and you'd develop a respectable reputation. Not only that, but it's a great service to your future self, by protecting the you now.

    • I truly appreciate your opinion, but I don't believe that you're obligated to call people out as fake. I may be whoever I choose to be, use any vocabulary I feel inclined to, and express myself in a personal way. I don't take your criticism personally, but please be aware that there are more sensitive users that may not be so self-assured and emotionally stable. I hope you have a lovely day!

    • Thank you and I hope you have an awesome day as well but understand I didn't call you fake. I said "it comes off as fake" meaning it gives the impression of being fake. Sure you may speak however you want but it isn't natural to you. You're purposely trying to change your speech in an attempt to sound unique. It's normal for someone your age to go through a series of personalities before finding that one that's right for you, but not everyone especially someone in your age group is going to go along with it. If you're currently in the phase of wanting phone calls and writing letters then that's fine, but don't let it be too much of a desire you're unwilling to compromise. I personally think handing out your address is dangerous and irresponsible to yourself and your family, I'd stick to phone calls if that is what you desire most, but at least be willing to text. Compromise is apart of life, and without it someone might get annoyed and think you're self centered.