Why is gay and transgender politically wrong to shame and fat is a way to kill peeps self esteem?

Look why is it wrong to insult someone who is gay or transgender but it is not politically incorrect. Why is it ok for people to shame and ridicule people who are over weight?

I mean people who are overweight are aware. They are already hurting. So u can be a peice of plastic and people love me and yet if i am my normal self i am inexistent?

I mean don't get me wrong there are health issues but there are health issues to being to thin as well. Emotinal weight emotional pain... go together so often. I mean what if i am thin but i hurt others that is attractive? What if you can see all my bones? I mean dress size includes boob size. You expect big boobs and no waist well umm they kinda go together. Do you see how much i excersise? No but it is ok to judge me? Overweight people have feelings too. And you think it does not hurt when i am crying inside. Instead of saying i am fat point out the positive. Wow what lovely eyes... Find the good in people and you will begin to see it in yourself.

See beauty in people. Stop judging.

And sorry i have nothing against gays but lets show some sensitivity for the people who need it most. Stop body shaming it kills people! Literally.


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  • Simple but true reason: so they can temporarily ignore their own insecurities. Even worse are the mutual "gang up on" experiences where it seems like a good idea (and fun) to mutually redirect their insecurities on someone else.

    I don't think it is a conscious decision to abuse and ridicule others. In fact they are very unaware of what they are doing, other than feeling some relief from whatever is gnawing at them by abusing someone else.

    Also, if someone is brought up to be prejudice against anyone, they (at a younger age) feel like they win the love of their elders by pleasing them through being prejudice. But none of this reflects on a true feeling. Are you fat? Gay? Does anyone really mind? I DOUBT IT. Just another programmed, copycat response to fit in.


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  • Why do women shame men for being short? I am 6'1 and when I was short I would be told constantly. I use to be 5'8

  • I don't know the politics of it but I can give my personal view as to why they are different.

    First let me say I wouldn't shame anybody for either reasons, there is nothing shameful here, these things may cause others some inconvenience but they deserve sympathy more than censure.

    People who have different sexual psychology than most folks are impelled to act on that psychology. Unless you have a metabolic disorder (and very few fat people do) you are fat because you have bad habits. It's true these same habits would not be as bad for someone without your physiology but they are just habits and you can change them. Eat fruits and vegetables and a little meat, don't eat grains or legumes or sugar or starch or alcohol or fats or milk products. Raise your level of activity. Do this and the problem goes away. Fat people are more like someone with a medical problem who refuses to take their medication.

    • No i disagree my thin friends eat a ton. but i think it is emotional weight

    • Yes, some people can eat the modern diet without the bad effects because different people metabolize food differently. It's not so much how much you eat (though obviously that can be part of the problem) as what you eat and that you are inactive. There weren't any fat hunter-gatherers.

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  • Shaming someone for their appearance, sexual orientation and so on is awful no matter what. I will never understand people's mindset or how they can live without a guilty concience when they are ruining people's lives.

    I understand your point but I also feel like I have to point out that gay/transgender doesn't need it less because it's been socially unacceptable for such a long time (and still are in many places and by many people).

    What people need to realise is that just because you don't understand it/it differs from the "norm", doesn't mean it's any less normal, shameful or wrong in any way.

  • 'you can be a piece of plastic and people love me' are you talking about transgender people or plastic surgery because it's kinda hypocrite to criticize transgender people now.

    Anyways, ofcourse it's not okay to totally ridicule people no matter what, but there certainly is a difference between fat shaming and shaming on sexual orientation or transgender people.

    Most of the time, being overweight is someone's own fault. Ofcourse some people are more sensitive for becoming overweight by bad habits like emotional eating or eating out of boredom, but it's not like you can't do anything about it. You can't do anything about being gay or transgender.

    Being overweight is really unhealthy. Being gay or transgender isn't.

    Now I've pointed out that those things are not comparable ofcourse, but it's still not right to ridicule overweight people ofcourse.

    Now I'll come to the point 'there are health issues but there are health issues to being to thin as well.'. Thin people also get ridiculed and you have to be extremely skinny before you really get health issues. Plus the symptoms aren't as bad.

    Something I probably get a lot of downvotes for is that I think that being overweight also shouldn't be totally acceptable. It should not become the norm and people should know the risks of being overweight. We all try to stay on good weight. Me too. I actually can become really fat since I also have bad eating habits but I try to get rid of them and workout 3 to 4 times a week. Plus I bike 20 km everyday. Don't ridicule on overweight people, but also don't praise it.

  • "And sorry i have nothing against gays but lets show some sensitivity for the people who need it most. Stop body shaming it kills people! Literally."

    Girl don't. Why do "fat" people need sensitivity more than LGBT ppl? They don't. We should ALL be treated respectfully. I agree that it's wrong to bully anyone for anything, but stop being self centered. It is undoubtedly harder to be LGBT than overweight.

    When someone hates an LGBT person they hate them fundamentally no matter what.

    When someone hates a fat person they hate their weight, which can be changed.

    Your message of "stop shaming" is fine and I agree but you ruined it completely.