Is my nose too big for my face?

I put in a lot of efforts into improving my appearance in the past year or so, which did boost my self-esteem a bit. But whenever I look at myself in the mirror or at my pictures, I always have the feeling that my nose might be a bit too big for my face.

Please have a look at my profile picture, and let me know if my feeling is right. No, I don't plan on getting a nose job or something drastic, but I just want to get opinions around here. Thank you.

P. S. Those among you who are in the 'habit' of calling every question of this kind as 'attention seeking', or if you're gonna be rude or sarcastic, please save yourself the trouble and don't answer.


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  • Yes but so is mind. Well our noses will continue to grow like our ears but don't worry, the one that fall for you will love your features. My boyfriend does. Just embrace and have a great personality.

    • Well... unfortunately, personality means nothing if the looks aren't good enough to initiate that 'spark' in the beginning, but thanks for your opinion! My personality IS something I am proud of, anyway! :)

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    • Lol, what did I say about confidence. and fun personality. wink wink

    • I wonder how a person can just 'get confidence', when he/she has had self esteem issues all their lives. I mean, it's sound advice. But it's not like I could go and purchase confidence from a shop. 😞

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  • You have a big nose, but it not dramatically insanely big or anything so it shouldn't hold you back.

    • Sigh! I thought so. It looks kinda weird and funny on my face, right? I mean... like those circus clowns, who have big round noses! :P

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    • Seriously though, it's all good. By far the most people won't judge it because it's not that bad. I've seen way bigger noses

    • Thanks mate! You made me feel a bit better! The thing is... earlier I was overweight, and my face was chubby too. So the 'big' nose seemed to fit in. But after I shed the extra pounds, the nose looks big! :P

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  • No. I got a bigger nose than u. It never bothered me that people pointed out it was biggggg.

    • Great going! I'm trying to make sure I am not bothered by my big nose too! ;)

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