Why they looked at me? am I weird?

Hi, I don't think I am attractive, I'm only 152cm (5 feet) and 52kg (114pounds). And I only wear men/over size clothes. I wear men hoodie size Large and sweatpants and I also wear glasses (this is my everyday outfit).
And I went to grocery store today and I noticed that men were looking at me, like 2-3 men. Am I dressed that weird?
(sorry for not perfect grammar and no picture)


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  • You were just dressed casually and comfy, nothing wrong with that.


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  • I am sure you have nothing to worry about hun. And it is usually the sexies that worry about this stuff.
    But to me, that look can be sexy for some reason. I don't get why, but always has been a turn on for some reason. Matbe for me its trying to figure out what she looks like underneath all that lose clothing, I don't know.

    But for some strong reason, I think there light be a sexy girl there and you just don't know it yet.


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  • Either they were looking at a possible shoplifter or they were wondering if it was laundry day for a good looking girl.

    • Lol thanks!! Cool profile picture I like Dexter too!

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    • Trinity was okay but Miguel was my favorite after Binney

    • Yeah Miguel is cool! I forgot Miguel haha

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