:) How do I look?

I don't really want to post a pic, because this is internet and it's a fucked up place.. so I'm just going to describe myself the best that I can and I would like to know would you ever date someone like me
-long blonde hair
-blue eyes
- i'm 156cm tall, that's around 5'3 or 5'4
-i'm very nice and funny or so i'm told xd
-now i'm not skinny, i don't have hipbones or thigh gap, i'm kinda chubby and don't have big boobs :/
-i always help people out
-my face is kinda round, i guess

so yeah.. that's me..


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  • I'm sure you're beautiful just the way you are as long as you think that about yourself. Nobody can bring you down. Everything you just listed up there sounds perfectly fine, even great. :)
    You have nothing to worry about. <3


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  • I'm sure you're not ugly

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