Girls, What is your first impression of me based off my profile pic?

Curious what others think right off the bat.

Impression of looks or personality based of the picture I guess I wasn't strictly wanting comments based off looks. Curious what age I look.


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  • Right off the bat I thought you look like the actor Adam Hicks, so I wondered if you have red hair too.

    Besides that, you look attractive and seem easy-going and kind.

    • I do kind of look like him! Haha, thanks coconut elixir! Those two traits fit me like a glove, I was curious if that could be seen!

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    • I do probably look more similar to that actor. Wow, I never even knew about him! I think you are haha. Niiice, I never usually comment on purses because I really don't care but a coconut purse eh, your cool notch went way up Miss ;). I have a thing for messenger bags though, the purse for men lol.

    • I had never heard of him before I watched the series premiere of Quantico yesterday. For some reason, whenever someone looks familiar to me or bears a resemblance to someone, I can't stop thinking about it until I figure it out. So pointless! "Purse for men" just sounds like a funny phrase... messenger and crossbodys are the best. Yes lol the purse is literally a carved coconut. I am a bit quirky like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter except I'm not that spacey.

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