Is my face attractive in any way shape or form?

Girls keep calling me ugly and I really dont know even my family and this kinda destroys my self esteem


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  • Yes it's little attractive , wouldn't say ugly , never!

    • little attractive? is that a backhanded compliment? hahaha

    • Lol , sorry. English is not my first language
      I meant that you look good , not very handsome but look good , more than average I mean :)

  • I honestly can't see anything in your face that is unattractive. You have a masculine jawline, yet not too masculine so that is just right. You seem to have a clear skin, a deep gaze. I also really like your lips and eye colour.
    I generally can't describe well why I find people attractive but I tried my best haha
    Don't listen to people who bring you down, they are just bored and pathetic.


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