Never thought I'd ask this. Am I approachable/datable?

Usually I feel that I am, through and through. But then life happens, and it just kinda knocks you down. I'm sure all of you reading this can understand. So, I honestly don't know anymore.

I want guy opinions too, I'm no homophobe.

My profile picture is one source, but here is a clearer, full body picture:

Thank you guys in advance.


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  • Gay guy here. You look great! :3


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  • You look well - Not short on confidence are you? - LoL - Good job

    • Thank you, it's a constant battle for me. I don't really meet many people so I don't know how I'm generally perceived by people. I don't know.

      You're older than me. And probably wiser too. Do you understand where I'm coming from?

    • Yeah - Nothing wrong with a little confidence - Women like it

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