Girls and guys, how can I get similar results as in the study (read details)?

Okay... so google 'Life of a 10/10 male Tinder case study'.
Read it okay? Now tell me what can I do to take photos/improve looks to get results similar to the study?
I am reasonably good looking. Some females have rated me to be as hot as Francisco Lachowski (maybe barely below) based on bad selfies.
What can I do to get similar results?
Also before you assume I am a dumb pretty boy... I study software engineering in college and do very well. SO THAT'S outta he way. I just want to become the hottest version of me possible.

And by the way... I already lift. But I am ONLY concerned about the face and how to maximize it.


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  • Same as before, find out what is trending in society and aim for that.

    • BUT... I'm talking facially. What is a conventionally good looking face? I mean I have asked Girls to rate me and models as well... I always get rated nearly the same as them. They say that it's subjective which I agree with. But the model in this study seems to be OBJECTIVELY good looking given the results and conversations you know?
      I HAVE a strong jawline and big eyes with nice lips. But my nose isn't perfect. IT'S not bad but it's like... you know.

    • I also have extremely good cheekbones.

  • Become the hottest version of you possible? Simply research what is trending these days for how a guy is attractive to the general population of girls in society and aim for that with what you have.