So I have Small bumps are my arms and legs? how do I get rid of them? I feel like they are so unattractive?


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  • Some people just have these. It's really no big deal... when someone brushes up against you, they may think they've touched sandpaper, but you just have to make a joke about it.
    Really, many people have this condition, and it's nothing you can do much about. Moisturizer will help a little with the way it "feels", but it wears off quick. Most people really won't notice OR care about it... so don't sweat it. Call attention to the better parts of yourself.


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  • Sounds like an allergic reaction - Are you using anything new when you shave, shower, laundry detergent.

  • Did you change laundry detergent or soaps

    • No, I've had them for a while they are really small. maybe razor bumps? but even when I don't shave I have them.

    • May a alergic reaction

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