Do you think this homecoming proposal cute?

I made a origami koi fish along with a note that says,
"I'm diving to tell you something, we should swim to homecoming together. Don't worry there won't be any disqualifications nor false starts on this event, what d'ya say?"
Yeah it's a swimming reference--
Is there something I need to fix? And what do you think of it? I'm giving this to my crush tomorrow.

crap I also need help to come up with a plan, should I directly or indirectly give if to him-- what do I say? Urghhh in a little nervous/anxious.

thanks in advance!


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What Guys Said 1

  • That's who you are, so that's what you should give him. Don't stress about it, too much or it'll come off fake.
    You could just put it in his locker if you have lockers. Slip it in his backpack, though these two options may not be the best cause he may not open his locked or he could not notice it's in his backpack.
    I'd say just go up to him and give it yourself, stand there while he reads it and wait for an answer. It's pretty awesome when a girl is strong enough to go up to the guy and wait for an answer instead of running away.


What Girls Said 1

  • Could put it in a glass jar and give it to him? Kinda like a fish bowl. I think it's cute and original and I think you should go for it. Don't be scared. If you've judged the person you are giving it to right, then they'll appreciate it.

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