Girls, how to get that male model skin?

Okay so I have a very defined face with a strong jawline, long defined nose and high cheekbones. Big eyes too.
BUT my skin isn't like super smooth /shiny like male models. How do I get that smooth even shiny skin?
NO I do not have severe acne. But I used to...
I'm 18 by the way.
I don't think SKIN is genetic is it? I mean jawline and cheekbones... sure. BUT skin can be perfected to an extremely high degree right? How? I work out and eat lots of chicken and egas. I drink TONS OF WATER (Serious I lose count of how many glasses...)
BUT I never moisturise my skin or use any creams. I do take a 15 minute shower everyday.



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  • Nobody has perfect skin, skin is not meant to be perfect. And remember those male models are photoshopped + are wearing makeup.

    If you want nice skin, it's time for you to buy some skin cleansing products.

    • Like what? Any random moisturiser should work?

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    • To get rid of all that extra dead skin that might not get removed only by a face wash.

    • Okay!☺☺😊

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  • Makeup + photoshop should do.

    • But cleansing and moisturizing your face would help. nobody has perfect skin though.

    • Cleansing? Ummmmm. ... do I need to do anything other than wash my face with soap? Because I do that like 3 times a day. Anything else? XD

    • What kind of soap? And 3 times a day? Holy fuck dude that's too much.

  • It is genetic unfortunately :( . Acne is a shitty thing to have to deal with, I am totally with you on that. But it's to do with hormone imbalances more than anything. If you want to try creams and things I recommend Neutrogena products. For treating spots you can use anything with benzoyl peroxide, but VERY sparingly as it dries your skin and can end up making it worse. Especially if you live in a hard water area moisturising is a good idea

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