Please help, will he give me his number?

I was going to ask this guy for his phone number and he is so hot and im in his leage, but my friend randomly in choir said "Benji, Alana wants your number!" and he smiled but didn't look at me the rest of the class and didn't give me his number. I mean am i hot, would a guy even date me?
Please help, will he give me his number????????????????

its been an hour and no response


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  • Yes, you are attractive. As a guy I would not give my number to one person because another asked for it. I would have to wait for the person who wants it to ask for it.

  • Shit you're attractive

    He doesn't know you like him, it's an embarrassing way to hear it
    plus some people don't like to play tose high school games (he said / she thinks)

    Talk to him. In fact, make sure he can tell you're coming out your way to talk to him
    and then just show interest, doesn't have to be over the top

  • You look cute - Take a chance and ask the guy for his number.

  • can't see much on that picture so I can't tell you if you are hot, but you seem to have a pretty face and with a decent body you'll definitely get the attention from the guys


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