Girls, Am I ugly, or are some people on here just being mean?

I have asked a question on here asking about weather i looked better shaved or unshaved, one of the question options was that i look bad in both pictures, over 50% choose that option at one point. So am i just ugly or are people on here just being mean.

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  • Aw you're not ugly at all!!! Some people get a kick out of being mean and, meh, a picture only shows so much you can't tell what a person actually looks like until you see them in person. One picture can show one angle and you can look totally different so, don't worry about it :)

  • Some people are just being mean. Some people might not find you attractive.
    To be honest.
    You are asking for it by posting a photo of you online then asking people to tell you what they think.

    WE all know there are nasty people, and people who just think it's funny to be harsh, we also know that not everyone can like the way we look and are going to be honest.

    So if you don't want to experience people being mean. Don't splash photos of yourslef online asking for opinions.

    Who cares what they think anyway?

    • Thanks.

    • Oh and for the record. Your not ugly. That's a strong word and you should ignore anyone who says so. They add no value to your life!