Should I go platinum blonde?

Hey everyone! So i was wondering if i should lighten my hair to full platinum. I have peachy skin tone and amber brown eyes.
And i also dont wanna go brown or red or black lolol


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  • I think that with a peachy skin tone, you need to have a lot of hair for the platinum to look good. Unless there's enough of the platinum color, it can just look "off". I've seen a lot of platinum hair... when short, it only looks good on dark-skin or super-pale skin. If your hair were mid-back length or super-thick, it would be much, much better.
    It's hard to tell from your picture, but it looks like you have shoulder-length, thinner/sleek hair. I would go for some length first.
    But overall, the platinum color itself is probably one of my most-favorite colors on a woman.
    Of course, you should do what you like. Nice thing about platinum... it's really easy to change to something else if it doesn't workout for you. Also... make sure it's the real-deal platinum and it's done by someone who knows what they're doing with the color. I've seen a lot of messed up plats.


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  • If you've got a cool skin undertone go for it, the platinum would suit you.