Describe your dream girl/guy based on these topics?

Just Dreaming LOL

#1 Hairstyle (Length; Color; Style)
#2 Eye Color
#3 Lips (Thick/Thin)
#4 Body (Height/Boobs/Butt/Abs/Etc)
#5 Skintone (Main Preference)
#6 Profession/Job/Career/Hobbies
#7 Age
#8 Dress Style (Shoes/Shirts/Bottoms)
#9 Accessories (Glasses/Piercings/Tattoos)
#10 Personality

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  • #1 Hairstyle (Length; Color; Style) Any color except blonde

    #2 Eye Color Blue or green

    #3 Lips (Thick/Thin) Thick

    #4 Body (Height/Boobs/Butt/Abs/Etc) Athletic 5'2"-6', (32-34/24-28/38-46), tiny A or B cups, slim waist, WIDE hips, bubble butt, THICK THUNDER thighs, THICK calves/ankles, doesn't believe body hair is evil...

    #5 Skintone (Main Preference) Dark

    #6 Profession/Job/Career/Hobbies Irrelevant

    #7 Age Under 30

    #8 Dress Style (Shoes/Shirts/Bottoms) Unique, individual, chic, and classic when need be

    #9 Accessories (Glasses/Piercings/Tattoos) Maybe a sleeve, nipple piercings, septum, lip

    #10 Personality Funny, passionate, has morals, tough, committed, laid back, creative, artsy


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  • 1. Hair: Low cut, slightly curly, black.
    2. Eyes: Dark brown.
    3. Lips: Thick but not huge.
    4. Body: Abs (with that awesome V shaped muscle), decent arms, muscular legs and thighs, nice sized pectorals.
    5. Skin tone: Medium-Dark brown (he's black)
    6. Hobbies: Video Games; Occupation: Student.
    7. Age: Almost 20
    8. Apparel: Comfortable (basketball shorts and hoodies mostly)
    9. Accessories: Glasses, sometimes hats.
    10. Personality: Funny, weird, sensitive, calm, sweet, protective, kind, loving, video game obsessed, rational, etc. (he's too awesome to cover it all)
    ** This whole thing is about my boyfriend, he is my dream guy <3 **

  • #1 Brown/blonde/redhead/black don't care!
    #2 Green/blue
    #3 Thick, but not fussed.
    #4 Average build, about 5'8, some tone and a bit of bicep muscle is always nice though:3
    #5 White/tan doesn't matter.
    #6 An area of science like me (I'm a med science student), musician, teacher, not fussed as long as it's not selling drugs or something and can provide a decent life for himself.
    #7 One or two years older than me (I'm 19)
    #8 Jeans, shirts, shorts, casual but well groomed, can be professional
    #9 I love glasses on guys! :) A lip piercing on a guy sounds hot, but not essential.
    #10 Sincere, hardworking, loyal, kind heart, loving soul, ambitious. :)

    Oh, and an Australian or Irish accent is always hot!

  • #1 Hairstyle: Dark soft hair, not bald but not long neither (nothing past the ears
    #2 Eye Color: Brown or Hazel
    #3 Lips; As long as they are not too thin or too thick it's ok
    #4 Body: Tall, muscles (but not too much) and broad shoulders
    #5 Skin-tone; Main preference is light olive complexion.
    #6 Profession/Job/Career/Hobbies: Doctor but it doesn't really matter.
    #7 Age: Older (up to 15 years older than me)
    #8 Dress Style: Casual but makes some effort.
    #9 Accessories: NO TATTOOS and NO PIERCINGS the best accessory is a nice small beard.
    #10 Personality: Funny, kind, gentleman, traditional, smart, respectful, jealous and family oriented

  • #1 Short hair with a beard
    #2 Black or brown eyes
    #3 average thickness for lips
    #4 slim to average to a few extra pounds but not very fat or very skinny
    #5 white or middle eastern skin or mixed half black half white or full black
    #6 computer science, finance, medicine or engineering
    #7 Age - 28 - 40
    #8 dressed in pale clothes that resemble vacation resort worker clothing or in business casual
    #9 indifferent to glasses no tatoos
    #10 open minded, gracious, honourable, humble, honest, intelligent, compassionate, religious, understanding, patient

  • Hair- just has to be soft and healthy
    eye color- just has to be beautiful to me
    lips- has to be soft/kissable/not chapped
    body- I don't care but nice boobs or butt or abs never hurts
    skintone- main preference is pale white or mixed
    profession or hobbies- idc as long as they like it
    age- no more and no less than 3 years apart
    dress style- whatever theyre most comfortable in
    accessories- I don't care as long as they like it, but I love tats and piercings
    personality- I prefer when theyre intelligent, funny and/or kind

  • 1. any colour but naturally blonde. Dark brown is preferred. Not long but not very short either and the hair should match his face and a little quiff or fringe is cute
    2. brown and cute
    3. normal but with a cute unique smile
    4. tall and 185 cm or taller. not too skinny not fat and not too muscular
    5. White, tan or Asian
    6. lol whatever matches him as long as he has a future and can make lots of money
    7. 17 - 25 years old
    8. Omg literally anything that looks good and is trendy. I mean as long as he dresses well and is up to the trend. Hate messy boys
    9. Mhm piercings maybe one or two on ears? Better if there is none. Tattoos Mhm as long as it's cute and small not like on his back or a whole arm sleeve. It's better if doesn't wear glasses normally and only for reading sometimes and even better if he looks cute in those glasses.
    10. Omg I have so much on this. He has to be outgoing playful and funny. I like the guys that tend to be the mood makers and are a bit dumb and weird but in a funny and cool way. He has to be confident about everything I dont like shy guys that are scared. Playing an instrument is a bonus point and he has to be cute but manly and serious when needed.

  • Guy:
    1. Short, brown, clean cut
    2. Hazel
    3. medium
    4. 5'11+ chubby
    5. White
    6. Don't care
    7. 17-18
    8. Nicely
    9. All 3
    10. Kind, smart, funny, the whole shebang

    1. Little past shoulders, brown/red, wavy/curly
    2. Hazel or blue
    3. Medium
    4. 5'4-5'8 curvy, medium boobs, shaply butt, curvy thighs
    5. White
    6. Don't care
    7. 17-18
    8. Nicely
    9. All 3
    10. Kind, smart, funny, the whole shebang

  • #1 Hairstyle (Length; Color; Style) short-ish
    #2 Eye Color brown
    #3 Lips (Thick/Thin) medium but a more on the thin side
    #4 Body (Height/Boobs/Butt/Abs/Etc) fairly tall, muscular legs/thighs, a bit skinny
    #5 Skintone (Main Preference) light-medium tan
    #6 Profession/Job/Career/Hobbies i like the nerds
    #7 Age no more 2-2/5 years maybe 3 years
    #8 Dress Style (Shoes/Shirts/Bottoms) i dont care as long as long as he looks presentable
    #9 Accessories (Glasses/Piercings/Tattoos) the guy i might like wear his hat a lot
    #10 Personality easy to talk, intelligent, protective, kind, loves soccer.
    this was all based on a guy i may like his name is Jake

  • 1. Doesn't matter, but preferably longish (I like running my fingers through a guy's hair, hehe), light or dark brown.
    2. Blue or brown.
    3. Doesn't matter.
    4. Taller than me (not that hard since I'm 5'2"), abs don't matter.
    5. Doesn't matter.
    6. I like nerds :P
    7. 18-20
    8. Umm... jeans and a shirt? Lol, I dunno.
    9. Doesn't matter.
    10. Funny, compassionate, considerate and loyal. Honest, too.

  • #1 Hairstyle: Short, black or brown straight hair.
    #2 Eye Color: Brown
    #3 Lips: Thin/Medium
    #4 Body: Healthy. Maybe a bit muscular but not extremely buff
    #5 Fair-Tan
    #6 No Preference
    #7 Minimum of 1-2 years younger Maximum of 8 years older but most preferred if he was a year or two older.
    #8 Dress Style: Sporty but wouldn't also mind wearing a plaid shirt/changing his style up a bit
    #9 Accessories: No Preference about glasses. A few piercing are fine if its on his ears. A few tattoos are okay.
    #10 Personality: Funny, Laid Back, Passionate, Sweet, Weird

    I sound picky! Hehehehe

  • 1. Low cut, waves, curls, doesn't matter what color
    2. Any color is fine, but green and light brown are my favorites
    3. Full lips
    4. 5'7 and up; average size is cool

    • GaG please fix this disappearing keyboard problem! Ugh

      4. (Continued) Abs aren't really necessary. I do like muscular arms tho
      5. Doesn't really matter so long as it's clear
      6. Don't really have a preference, as long as he has one or is actively looking.
      7. 22-35
      8. I like a guy that can look good in a suit and in a tshirt and jeans.
      9. I don't mind tattoos or glasses. Piercings are tricky. So if he does have them, they just need to fit him.
      10. Honest, loyal, funny, sweet, confident without being cocky, family and goal oriented, kind, book and street smarts...

  • Fuck your topics.


    ^^ That's my dream guy. Simple as that. #ThatsMyType

  • 1) Short to long, straight, black
    2) Green, blue, or yellow (in that order)
    3) No lips
    4) Decent weight, 4 legs, tail
    5) See #1
    6) Hobbies include snuggling, playing with plastic mice, catching real mice
    7) 8 weeks +
    8) Always naked
    9) Bowtie collar
    10) Active, cuddley, bold, not skiddish, well behaved.


  • 1. Preferably brown. Don't care about the style as long as it's not long or anything retarded looking.
    2. Doesn't matter. At all
    3. Medium/thick although this really doesn't either matter.
    4. Fit. I don't care about abs.
    5. Tanned 😍
    6. Anything as long as it's productive and something he enjoys.
    7. Older than me, younger than my father.
    8. Bro I don't know.
    9. No piercings. Depends on the tattoo although nothing is best.
    10. AWESOME.

  • Bradley Cooper

  • 1 short light brown typical cut nothing too out there
    2 blueee or brown
    3 depends
    4 tall, abs, works out enough to care but not that his whole lifestyle depends on it, broad shouldered,
    5 really doesn't matter depends on person
    6 Something educational or hard worked for. Likes working out, reading, or just chilling
    7 not younger than me
    8 well dressed but casual (tee and nice jeans)
    9 no tatoos. or piercings.
    10 flexible on my mood lol. but generally funny, sweet, confident

  • 1. Hairstyle: full medium to short and brown or black color
    2. Eye color : no preference
    3. Lips: medium to full, nothing too thick or thin
    4. Body
    a). Height : 5'9" - 6'3"
    b.) Butt : a little something to grab and stare at
    c.) Abs : has to have at least a little bit of ab definition
    d.) I also like when guys have wide back/shoulders, long necks, long fingers, narrow waist/hips,
    5. Skintone : Medium to Tan
    6. Profession/Job/Career/ : Someone who saves lives. Whether its a fireman, doctor, animal rescuer etc. Hobbies : I like guys who are foodies. I also like guys who like to play sports especially soccer, basketball, running, an cycling. Artistic also good. Whether its drawing, singing, or playing an instrument. In general I like guys who have a broad range of interests and can have fun doing anything.
    7. Age : Ideally a few months older or 1 year older
    8. Dress style : I like guys who have a simple and classic style. Maybe incorporates some urban pieces here and there. Makes sure his clothes fit really well.
    9. Accessories. Glasses : No preference. Tattoos are okay if he's not covered in them. Piercings : Maybe none or both ears pierced.
    10. Personality : Optimistic. Always strives to do the right thing. A little naive and innocent. Brave. Playful with a good sense of humor. Has a personality that kids and pets are drawn to. Ambitious almost to the point of it being a flaw.

  • 1. Hairstyle: short, Dirty blonde, its just short but not bald

    2. Eye color: Green

    3. Lips: not thin but not thick either. Average.

    4. 6'2", 200 lbs, very defined abs, big arms, defined V lines, big chest

    5. white but not pale

    6. Entrepreneur and his hobby is going to the gym

    7. 25

    8. Casual, jeans and t shirt

    9. Tattoos, on the arm ribcage and back shoulder

    10. Loving, funny, family oriented

    I basically just described my boyfriend

  • 1. Medium length for a guy, Brown or blonde, slightly wavy and very thick.
    2. Blue, green or brown (I don't really care which one).
    3. Medium. Not thin and not thick.
    4. 6'4 and lean/fit body and long legs, nice hands with long fingers. Not hairy.
    5. Caucasian.
    6. Doctor/lawyer/software developer/engineer and have his own business on the side. Like travelling, sailing, watching movies, be outside in nature, workout etc.
    7. Somewhere between 24 and 28 years old.
    8. Casual/preppy/executive.
    9. None.
    10. Loyal, faithful, honest, calm, funny, thoughtful, intelligent, loving, caring, family oriented, a gentleman, kind, generous, slightly introverted but confident, mature, always there for you and easy to talk to.


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  • Going off what I like the most...
    1.) I've always liked long semi wavy or straight hair the most. I like every hair color.
    2.) Blue, hazel, grey (pretty much non brown)
    3.) I don't pay attention much to lips. As long as they look natural, they're cool with me.
    4.) Height: Anything shorter than me (I'm just shy of 6'4"). Boobs: Whatever, as long as they are natural. Abs: Fitness is a plus, but I don't care much about something like that. I tend to like slimmer girls in general. My type isn't the curvy or heavier girls, but it is rather the slimmer or thinner girls.
    5.) Anything from pale/white to light brown. My type tends to fall under white. I don't know why, it just is how I'm psychologically wired in what I find extra attractive.
    6.) Musician is cool -- especially if they can sing. If they listen to rock music, that's also a plus. Art is good.
    7.) Since we are talking about ideals, it'd be my age.
    8.) I've always found decent length skirts and stuff like that to be attractive, but I don't pay much attention to fashion. If it doesn't stick out as like 'Woah, that looks odd' it is good enough for me.
    9.) Glasses? Meh, not a fan, but doesn't make a difference. Not a fan of cateye glasses (I think that is what they're called?) but that's about it. Piercings/Tattoos? As long as they aren't going overboard I don't care.
    10.) I find introverted girls to be more attractive. Someone a bit shy like me too. I can get overwhelmed by someone being really extroverted and too social around me. Someone somewhat laid back, with a little sass, lots of class, very honest and direct, is ideal for me.

    • Except for the age you've perfectly described my best friend xD (she's 16 almost 17 btw)

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    • She is, she's in choir and quite frankly has the best singing voice out of everyone, has blond wavy hair, is white, really sassy but also chill, I think she's a few inches short of 6 feet or might be 6 feet, she has hazel eyes with streaks of green in them and is slim with long legs, she's incredibly intelligent and began taking college classes her sophomore year, she's on track to getting her associate degree before even graduating high school. She moved this year and your description reminded me of how much I miss her, haha sorry I wrote a lot.

    • @_Surprised_Gatorade_ It's alright. Seems like you were great friends. Sorry to hear she moved away. I'm sure whoever she ends up dating will be incredibly lucky to be with her :)

  • I really couldn't give a shit about all that, just pretty and a nice person. It does tend to be more of a girl thing to have a type like that.

  • 1. Shoulder length, brown or black, style depends I like 'updo' or fringes on girls
    2. Brown
    3. Thin
    4. 5ft, Mid B Cup or less, toned bum (not large), wide hips, some ab tone but not defined abs.
    5. Pale
    6. Irrelevant
    7. Early 20's although i'm not that fussy.
    8. Conservative, vintage
    9. Irrelevant
    10. Intelligent, laid back, loyal, friendly

  • long, red, wavy hair

    blue or green eyes

    thick lips

    tall (5'6+), c+ boobs, shapely butt and hips but thin waist line. not athletic, just generally healthy

    light skin/pale- I kind of like freckles to be honest!

    Would be cool if she into video games, but so long as she is cool with me playing I don't mind. I want her to have a passion- but I don't care what it is. Also hard/good worker is important to me, but not income.

    21-25? I am 23 now so that will change I am sure haha

    Sun dresses are classy, I like jean shorts with stockings too- kind of a punk look. So long as her butt is not hanging out and she is not walking around in half a shirt, I don't really care though.

    No piercings please, maybe a small tattoo someplace hidden is okay, I could care less about glasses.

    Funny and very smart are the highest. Self respect and trust worthy are a must too. In general, just out going and confident is good enough for me- a go get-er too

  • #1 Hairstyle (Length; Color; Style) 2.5ft long, blonde, straight
    #2 Eye Color--silver
    #3 Lips (Thick/Thin)---medium
    #4 Body (Height/Boobs/Butt/Abs/Etc) 5'6", yes, yes and no
    #5 Skintone (Main Preference) white
    #6 Profession/Job/Career/Hobbies----whatever to first 3.. outdoors/adventurer
    #7 Age 2 years younger
    #8 Dress Style (Shoes/Shirts/Bottoms)-----don't care
    #9 Accessories (Glasses/Piercings/Tattoos) minimal
    #10 Personality---caring, romantic, happy, calm, intelligent

  • #1: dark, long, preferably a little curly
    #2: blue or brown
    #3: doesn't matter
    #4: around 5'4", yes, closer to big than small, no
    #5: doesn't matter, but preferably white
    #6: have a job, like sports (baseball and football), play video games with me
    #7: within like 1.5 years of me
    #8: conservative to cheeky, not slutty
    #9: glasses are adorable, piercings and tats are a no unless discreet
    #10: friendly, compassionate, kinda dorky and weird, funny, honest, and understanding

  • #1 Very long, brown or blonde
    #2 Green
    #3 Thick
    #4 Short, thin, tight butt , small breasts, wide hips
    #5 Pale
    #6 Housewife
    #7 Same as mine
    #8 Modest
    #9 None, don't mind glasses though
    #10 Christian, sense of humor, likes to watch movies and listen to music

  • 1. Long, Black, Straight
    2. Blue
    3. Thick
    4. 5'6, C's, Big Butt, Flat/Chubby tummy
    5. Pale/White or light brown
    6. Doesn't Matter
    7. 20-25
    8. Doesn't Matter
    9. Doesn't Matter
    10. Chill, funny, shy, kinky

  • Well.. Here is my dream girl and my life partner


  • #1 Hairstyle- Curly, long, black.
    #2 Eye Color- Dark brown or black.
    #3 Lips- Thick
    #4 Body- Not so huge probably B or C cup.
    #5 Skintone- Caucasian, light skinned, or brown skinned.
    #6 Profession/Job/Career/Hobbies- Video game, student, career orientated.
    #7 Age- 14-17
    #8 Dress Style (Shoes/Shirts/Bottoms)- Preppy or trendsetter
    #9 Accessories (Glasses/Piercings/Tattoos)- Glasses or ankle bracelet
    #10 Personality- Mellow, loving, nice, strong, smart, witty, competitive, beautiful, and hard working

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