Girls, Why is my hair not lightening?

K my hair is a light blonde color due to the fact that i bleached it out from dark brown 5 months ago to a yellowish blonde. I then put an ash blonde over it and it barely did anything. That was 5 month ago. It is now a light blondish from the dye practically washing out over time. I decided to lighten with gradually with a bleach cocktail (mixing bleach in with shampoo ). I am aware the process is slow and less damaging. That is why i decided to go with this method. So i went to sallys beauty supply and baught blue bleaching powder and 30 volume pure white developer from clairol. I wanted to test the bleach out without the shampoo on a strand of hair to see how it would turn out first. I mixed the bleach powder and developer into a bowl i found it to be rather soupy than creamy... (dont know if that is normal ) i than applied it to the strand left it on for 30 mind washed it out and it did absolutely nothing to ny hair other than dry it out... the stand is still the exact color before i applied it. What am i doing wrong why is it not lightening it?

K.. from what I've heard people cross the borders all the time some people move to new york and others to Toronto. ... i simply asked these questions based on this... im stupid i have a friend whose sister visited Toronto and almost got kidnapped by a big gang of black people who happened to be from the newyork area because she was white and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It can happen to anyone and everyone knows Detroit is dangerous its on Google that its one of the most dangerous
Cities. So spare me the bullshit! I wanted a proper answer not criticism on how little i know.


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  • It's not recommended to put bleach on already pre-lightened hair, but assuming you know that, did you buy the cream developer that pairs with that specific bleach? Since the powder is blue I'm assuming it contains ammonia? Generally bleach is not meant to be 'soupy', though I've worked with some that is more soupy, but its because it was with a developer that is meant for color- not prelightener (as it is a weak developer 9vol and i was using on pre-lightened, highly sensitized hair). Did you use the right amount of developer? if not that can pose an issue with how much it oxidizes. And lastly bleach can take up to an hr to reach its maximum capabilities, so maybe you didn't leave it on long enough. 30vol should have a lot of lifting power, especially if paired with a bleach that contains ammonia. My suggestion would be to see a professional stylist and also to get a hair treatment done to counteract some of the damage.

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