Girls, Young women would you give a guy that looked like me a shot despite this condition (lets keep answers from those around my 18-24 years please)?

I see a ton of questions on here about guys dealing with hairloss young or old, and I have kind of followed some I won't lie I am self conscious of my condtion, effectively my body went through a system shock that to help recover it cut resources to non essentials hair being one of them so if I grew it out it would just be thin and crappy looking, no recovery. However I wasn't like some who obsess over it, I figured I pulled it off decent enough that while it was probably not preffered, it wouldn't be a dealbreaker to a whole lot.

Anyway I have posted my picture a few months back asking for an honest rate and I've noticed that (in person at least) many girls say im good looking but still can't get past the lack of hair, so I'm kinda concerned now, I do have higher standards myself just being straighforward and encouraging honesty here, girls around my age, if a guy looking like me in the pics approached you at college or at a party etc would you be willing to give him a shot or get serious with a guy like me (just the physical part assume mentally we get along of course) or not? its not so much about the hair i'm worried about just me altogether. (also the paleness is just my skin color, I can't tan even when I try) I'd like to know my marketability so to speak...

and this last one is just to show my headshape is decent bald

  • results for girls over 25ish or those who just want to see the poll
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  • I think you look good I'd give you a shot/date and if it worked get serious no problem
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  • sorry I am not into the way you look (reasons besides hair)
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  • I honestly couldn't see myself with a guy who had no hair so young sorry.
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I'm a Girl
im about 5'9 ish so don't think I am short from that picture
I'm only 20 by the way so keep that in mind that thats the age of girls I go for as well
My main concern was if I look good despite no hair


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  • I could get past it and I think you're attractive :) I dont care about paleness in the slightest and its their own loss for the girls who can't get past it

    • did you not vote? im just curious because the only poll options that went up were the ones against it

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