Rate me please girls?

I never had a girlfriend pls rate me? be nice.

Rate me please girls?

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how fkn sexy am I? be honest


Most Helpful Girl

  • You look below average.

    • Wow! Seriously dude? You ask for an honest opinion and she gives you one. Not only do you tell her that her own opinion is wrong, you ask for nudes? I guess your looks and intelligence are both “below average.”

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    • first of all fuck off. do not talk to this girl like that! second, this is catfish. this guy is a character from catch a predator. you are not this guy and you are trolling.

    • lmao wow it took someone this long to figure it out. I kinda tried to make it obvious but... gagers are kind of socially retarded

Most Helpful Guy

  • Hey man that is the reason you don't get girls.
    First of all accept you are below average. So stop dreaming an amber heard will come to you. You will get an ugly girl unless you are happy with men. You can get a normal looking girl also by luck but you have to have character for that. Which you don't have at all. Asking nudes from a girl who just gave an honest opinion.
    So man shape up or you will be crying like a baby afterwards. Develop character and do exercise to make yourself look good. and apologize to the girl for asking for nudes.

    • I meant @MadameJulietta

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    • Sorry, Asker maybe you're the one who is insecure because you are asking for a rate. Anyways, yeah he's not worth your time you tried telling him something and he can't accept it , and he's asking to send or receive nudes. Ugh. @GirlGuy123 you're right.

    • Umad?

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What Girls Said 3

  • Zero. Not approachable. Change your boring haircut, lose weight, get rid of this mustage and get less grandpa looking glasses and clothing.

  • I'd say 4-5

    • daaamn thats p4etty good

  • You're not attractive, & I'm being nice.


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