Who is more prettier between these girls. Please answer?

Who is more prettier between these girls . Please answer?
Please reply who is more prettier. Don't say both are ugly. Who is more sexy that is the question.

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  • Girl on the left
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Sorry people I wrote "sexy" by mistake I thought I had written "beautiful" . Many of you have made note about it. I am sorry it was an error.
Guys and girls remember the first option of the girl on the right. and the second one is of the left one.
Be careful about it.


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  • They both look like they are minors. And you post their pictures up hete without their permission and asks which one is sexier. Yep, you are a creep alright.


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  • They both look middle school or early high school age and the one on the left looks younger so its kind if uncomfortable to call them "sexy". They are both beautiful girls though


What Guys Said 2

  • I clicked wrong, because you had left second
    (which is weird, maybe you're asian)
    they are both CHILDREN, so it's weird, but they are both plenty cute, the one on the right being cuter, but in a much more annoying pose

  • The one on the right all the way