How do you think a girl like this look?

5'4 24-year old from Anchorage, standing in front of the floor-length mirror. Brown eyes stare back at her fair-skinned face as she lets her wavy hazel hair fall to her mid-back. Her arms and legs are well-toned, set of perky 32Bs snugly hugged by a teal sports bra, her lower body clad in matching full-back panties and black tights. A navy mini-dress and a pair of Asics running shoes complete her outfit.

Sorry for no available picture!


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  • Are you gay?


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  • She probably looks something like what you just described.


    • So what would her look be? Do you think she is attractive or?

    • She sounds like she could be, she described as fit so she's probably not ugly, assuming she has symmetrical facial features.
      She wasn't described as ugly but somewhat attractive.