What excercises can help my cheekbones form?


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  • Bro... I am the best looking guy on the planet. I will have you know that... I used to be way below average when I was a kid because I was fat af. Then I worked out... and lost weight. My jawline and cheekbones got extremely defined. However if you are already at a low body fat... and there is no jawline or cheekbones visible... just hope that you'll develop them as you get older. And worst case? You can be a muscular baby faced cutie who takes care of himself. Although I will always be hotter due to my extremely strong features.


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  • You are 15, you still have lots of time to develop, lots of guys keep developing until they are 21, so no worries.
    But it's genetic to tell the truth.
    You can do exercises to strengthen the muscles on your cheekbones however to define them more (I doubt whether this would work nonetheless)

  • Just keep slim and fit - I don't know of any exercises that enhance the cheekbones

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