I'm skinny, but I don't want to change? Is skinny that bad?

I've heard time and time again that I should pack up some muscle or whatever (I'm 16 by the way), but I've had my idols that I follow, mostly Jimmy Page who was a stick (I'll include a photo at the bottom), and I wanted to know if being skinny was really a bad thing. I've always been extremely light and thin, and I don't see it changing anytime soon, at least not in a good way. If people say that I should try to buff up a bit, I won't, but tell me anyways so I know your opinions. This is just to see what everyone else thinks on this topic.

I'm skinny, but I don't want to change? Is skinny that bad?


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  • I respect you.. I really do

    Don't listen to them... People regardless of how you look will judge and say ' you should be this, you should be that!'


    Being skinny isn't a bad thing and neither is being fat

    But going into obeese or anorexia then thats when we have a problem

    Stay the way you are dude! Respect to you

    I have a really high bodyfat percentage and other men say I should cut down... But thats the thing.. Thats not my goal..

    Bro if you're happy in your skin then fu** everyone else

    • Right? I mean if I ever play a show or something I'd usually play with a long sleeve to hide my skinny arms, but usually at the beginning I stop caring and take it off and play like that, with something under, not shirtless haha

    • You should complain about their bodies when they complain about yours ahah :,)

  • Once you are a healthy slim it is okay.

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