Am I considered fat?

I'm 5'7 weigh 155-160 I wear size 7/8 in jeans and m/l in shirts.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fat is too modest a word for you.. I would go with obese.

    • She's normal weight for her height. Do you know who the actresses Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lawrence are? They are gorgeous and not a size 2. Unless they had to lose weight for a character they are in a size 6 to 8 jeans. They don't even have a pudgy stomach at that size.

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    • @lizardfist
      I'm not mad just having a civil discussion. When I'm mad I curse a lot.

    • You realize when she says 155-160, its probably 160 or more. and when she says 7/8 it's 8 more likely. It's human tendency to sugarcoat things.

      "Going by this chart she may be 1lb over weight. ... She's under 18 she doesn't need people telling her she's over weight when she's not."
      Well, just wondering, how can these two statements make sense at the same time... She is overweight, tell her the truth, don't 'lie' to her just because she is under 18.

Most Helpful Girl

  • you're slightly overweight but not a lot. I am the same height as you and my highest weight was about 163 sometime during early college. just tweak a few eating habits and throw in a little more exercise and you'll be perfectly fine. I've lost about 15-20 lbs (healthily!) so feel free to let me know if you want any advice. but don't let anyone here make you feel bad either! you're nowhere near "obese" and you most likely don't look overweight! 😊


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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe you are slightly fat. Not too much, though. I'm 5'7" too, and I weight 60 kgs (around 133 lbs), and I suppose I am 'normal' weight.

  • 5'7 weigh 155-160 could look like anything so i think i'm gonna have to see a clear pic in order to judge


What Girls Said 3

  • Don't listen to these morons you're slightly overwright. If you're over one 150 you tip the scale for 5'7.

  • You're only one pound over weight for your height. you're fine.

  • Yes, you're overweight. Not obese, but overweight.

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