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So just say we shared a house together with a few people and only we were home and you were sitting at the kitchen table studying and I came out of the shower into the kitchen to get a drink?

  • Put some clothes on dammit. Must you walk around the house like that!
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  • eh I've had enough of this study. Follow me to my room.. and loose that towel while you're at it
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  • *double take* .. men 😑
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  • *double take* 😉
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  • *double take* hmm it's better than looking at my study books
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  • ew
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  • I was on the fence whether to go with C or E but I finally decided to go with E because it's true...

    But really I'd rather be looking at this

    And E would turn into B ;)

    • LOLLL but what if I was really good at B?

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    • Is it just me or am I sensing favoritism here ;)

    • Haha well you gave me a good laugh and I did like the sound of E turning into B 😉

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  • Went with C, because I'd go back to studying. Haha. Especially since I already like like someone. And I've already committed to him because he's committed to me and we just can't date rn so yeah that'd be cheating if I did anything else. And I don't wanna cheat at all. So id resist the temptation or the urge and go back to doing my own thing.

  • I would keep studying lol

  • Your just as hot as my boyfriend

  • not really all that great

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