Rate each of these 3 girls, rank them and explain WHY?

Girl 1: fun, short attention span, short notice to meet. Dresses very sexily.
Rate each of these 3 girls, rank them and explain WHY?
Girl 2: likes to sit close to friends and party person. Sucks finger at you. Attention seeking and prevents guy friends meeting hot girls on her course.

Girl 3: Pretty and friendly if her friends aren't around, otherwise so so. A little uppish and full of herself tho.


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  • Im only going to base this on looks:
    Girl #1: 8/10
    Girl #2: 5/10
    Girl #3: 6/10

    • Nice! Top job with rating. Interesting! Yeah on looks I'd go with those. Why did you rate as so then? You have good taste!

      If you had to add the personality listed above how would they fare?

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    • no problem glad i could help, i went and answered your other question about L. & V. anything else you need

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  • Girl 1 - ★★★★☆
    Ups: Fun. Dresses very sexily.
    So-so: Short notice to meet.
    Downs: Short attention span.
    Girl 2 - ★★★☆☆
    Ups: Likes to sit close to friends. Party person.
    So-so: (both possibly up, but unsure about either) Sucks finger at you. Prevents guy friends meeting hot girls on her course.
    Downs: Attention seeking.
    Girl 3 - ★★☆☆☆
    Ups: Pretty.
    So-so: ... otherwise so so.
    Downs: A little uppish. Full of herself.

    I put a TON of time and lots of thought into this, btw!

    • Damn well thought out sir!! You are an expert reviewer!! Loving the stars and attention to detail =)

      Ok so, I find it interesting. Girl 1 is good looking for sure. I think the flakiness is what brings her down from being a 5. If it was out of 10 I'd rate her 7ish.

      Girl 2, I think the preventing you from meeting hot girls on her course is a big no no. That's manipulation. And attention seeking is a very bad quality. In terms of sucking, then that's kinda hot yeah. Looks wise she's ok, her mouth is very hot. So yeah I'd say a 6 at most, but closer to 5/10.

      Girl 3 I agree is bad. Literally only redeeming feature is pretty but that's not good enough being arrogant. So yeah a 5/10.

      What do you think? And can you explain girl 1 and girl 2's personality and why girl 2 might prevent people meeting girl 1?

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    • Thanks so much! I'll get to them asap! :)

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  • They all seem like trash.

    • Yeah fair point. If you had to rate? And why?

  • Why does girl three only get one photo?
    What does it mean, girl two sucks her finger at me?
    Regardless of those answers and more, I choose girl one. By far the prettiest, and her write up is very pleasing

    • There's a limit on posting lol.

      it means, girl 2 looks at you from across the room and sucks her finger whilst eating something in a very... suggestive way for unknown reasons.

      Nice, so girl 1? Why her specifically and not the other two? And how would you rate each?

  • I rate them all... still eight

    • Each of them are EQUAL?

      Rank them and why?

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    • Ah right. How do you mean overall looks.. what specifically is hot about her, e. g her stare?

    • her face xD
      that's all that's visible right now too