Question about body size. Should I lose weight or is it just my frame?

I hope this post will help other guys who don't really "get" it when it comes to frame size and weight. I'm about 5'7" or 5'8" and 185 pounds on average, I sometimes feel very heavy especially considering that by U. S. Health standards I am about 20 pounds (10 kilos) overweight.

I feel like if I'm weighing 155 pounds or less that I can run faster that's for sure, but, I really want more muscle and I wonder if I'm really at the right direction being 20 pounds overweight. No matter what, I think, my torso is wide and I only have a 4 pack, no matter what. Even if I weighed 140 pounds I would be more cut but only with less muscle.

Am I going in the right direction?
Question about body size. Should I lose weight or is it just my frame?

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  • You're certainly on the bigger end, but not to the point where I'd notice it first thing. The first picture really looks like you're sucking in, the rest, overflexing. Don't worry so much! Besides, a more natural photo can get you more accurate answers.
    With your weight being forty to fifty pounds above mine, and my height half an inch over yours, I was picturing you bigger than you are. But in reality, your weight fits you pretty well. You must be built wider than I am.
    Focus on stamina training, not body building, and try and keep that back straight.
    Good luck

    • I'm not sucking in but I was genuinely flexing like in the latter two. Your answer is perfect and knowledgeable 😛

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  • You COULD lose weight if you wanted. You're obviously not in possession of a high body fat percentage. You have muscular definition. If you continue what you're doing (I assume you are doing weighted exercise of some sort) you'll probably get thinner. You could just turn the fat to muscle.

    • Hey this seriously helps. I just keep noticing the love handles and think "it's really not THAT different at 150". I need to raise my testosterone to lose the fat and keep and raise the muscle, I think, but, working out is a huge necessity/contributor... just can't be lazy unfortunately. Thank you for saying I don't have high body fat... I'm just a guy and sometimes it's easy to get lost in comparisons with others...

    • There are exercises to specifically target that area if you want to add them to your routine.

    • I just want to get to the point where girls are like "fuck" when they see me. Trust me, I have worked out very hard in my life, like, extremely... then you see guys who are just shredded... but I think that's due to dehydration and lighting, too... I could probably look more ripped instantly if I fasted for a day or two. I don't know. Just my two cents.

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  • You have body fat to lose, between diet heavy weight training and some cardio you definitely can do it.

    • What would you estimate my body fat % to be?

    • Well I'm not very good with estimating , but I'd say somewhere around 15-20%. You really don't have a ton to lose if you focus, you can totally do it with some small, key lifestyle changes. Good luck brother!

    • I definitely would've chosen your input as best answer if I could change it. Thanks, duder.

  • you're not fat or anything, but hitting the gym and losing some fat and gaining muscle in its place is what i would reccomend.